Monday, July 20, 2009

The greatest leadoff in baseball history

Anybody disagrees on this?!
Really, c'mon, what does a leadoff have to do?

1- Get on
2- Come home

That's all. That simple.


To do that you need a whole assortment of specific skills.
To get on you need to be both a good hitter, have a good eye and be patient.
Then after you get on you have to score. One of the ways to score is to run the bases well. Stealing bases will surely help but you gotta do it right otherwise you'll get caught.
To do that you need speed but also you have to have the instinct, need to study the opponents, learn the art.
Here is the master of that art doing what he has done hundreds of times in his illustrious career.
Taking you back to 1982, the year Rickey shattered Lou Brock's stolen base record with 130 thefts.


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  1. Hey Funksteady, great video!! Was this from a game of the week back in 82? Any chance you have a copy of this game or other A's games? I'm a sucker for those games when Rickey was king!