Friday, April 2, 2010

Run Rajai Run!

Look who's back with the A's!

The Man Of Steal in the green and gold!!

Rickey's coaching the Athletics baserunners this spring and has been impressed by one of his apprentices Rajai Davis. The Master Thief said that Rajai could even steal 80 bases this season! Talk about pressure, this hasn't been done in 22 years, actually by Rickey himself in 1988.

I'm really exited about Davis. Last season was really impressive after he got a shot at playing everyday outfield, he managed to swipe 41 bases in only 390 AB, hitting .305.
If healthy who knows, 80 stolen bases is a lot to ask but by no means out of reach for a guy of Davis' speed. He also seems to have the right attitude, being a very aggressive baserunner, not afraid of being caught once a while.
He's got great range and pretty good glove as well in the outfield, add to that a little extra showmanship and it starts smelling like mustard, the one that comes with a little hot-dogging, kinda reminds me of someone...

Judging by what I've heard and read, it would seem that the Athletics are leaning back to the ol' 80's Billy Ball type of smallball. Saying they can't afford the longball they are adapting by countering power with speed.
If that happens I'll be wearing my A's cap again!

Bring it on back!!

More speed, more exitement!!

Run Rajai Run!

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